Thousands of fish died in Dal Lake, local said – G20 meeting is the reason, know what experts say -aabtak24


Dal Lake: After the death of thousands of small fish in the world-famous Dal Lake of Srinagar, allegations and counter-allegations have started between the local people and the officials of the lake. Experts are saying that the fish died due to thermal stratification but the local people say that unscientific and irregular cleaning done for the G-20 meeting is to blame.

Between 22-24 May, there was an important meeting of G20 on tourism on Dal Lake. For this the lake was also cleaned. People living around the lake say that thousands of fish have died within a few days.

Stink spreading in the pond

Manzoor Ahmed, a local resident said, "We found dead fish at various places in the lake, especially in areas where weeds and other vegetation had been cleared to beautify the lake to welcome guests. People say that due to dead fish, the pond is stinking.

What do the experts say?

Fishermen allege DVDing

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