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Mumbai-Vietnam Flight Re-Schedule: Last night, more than 300 passengers of a flight from Mumbai to Vietnam at Mumbai’s International Airport were upset when their flight could not take off on time. After boarding the flight, the passengers  kept waiting for the plane to take off but the plane remained standing at the port. 

Passengers complained that after boarding their flight, they had to get down and during this time the plane staff did not even turn on the AC. Vietjet Air flights to Vietnam were suddenly rescheduled for hours without any prior information. 

Why the flight could not take off on time? 
The passengers sitting in the flight from 11 pm could get out of the flight after hours when they started a ruckus when the plane did not move . The airline rescheduled the passengers’ flight to 4 pm on Friday and also allowed them to leave the airport. People were stuck at the flight and airport for 10-12  hours between the technical fault line in the flight.

Passengers complained to Aviation Minister
The passengers sitting in the plane complained about this to Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia through Twitter. In his complaint, the passenger demanded cancellation of the license of the airline. The passenger also tagged PM Modi in this matter. He also stated that despite being seated in the plane for more than 3 hours, the flight staff did not provide him any assistance. 

Over 100 passengers stranded at Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport complained that the airline did not even provide them drinking water, they said, adding that some children were also traveling with them and they were the most affected. Some even fainted.

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