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Lok Sabha Elections: Lok Sabha elections are going to be held across the country next year. In this election, the opposition is unitedly fighting against PM Modi. In such a situation, speculations are being made from now that if PM Modi’s magic does not work in the year 2024 and NDA alliance is defeated then who will be the next PM. Times Now conducted a survey on the question of who would be the first choice of the Prime Minister if the Lok Sabha elections were to be held in the country at this time. The answers of the people in this survey may surprise you too. 

In this survey of ETG, people said that the next year’s

Strongest Opposition PM Candidates
According to this Times Now ETG survey conducted a few months ago, 5 percent people chose Telangana CM KCR for the opposition PM candidate, while a total of 6 percent people went towards Bihar CM Nitish Kumar. About 12 percent people believe that Arvind Kejriwal can be there in next year’s elections. Whereas after PM Modi, maximum number of people took the name of Rahul Gandhi among the strong PM candidates. 13 percent people considered Rahul as the PM candidate.

PM Modi is the most preferred candidate in the survey
According to the ETG survey, Rahul Gandhi is the most preferred candidate for the opposition PM. At the same time, above all, people believe that only PM Modi can be the strongest prime ministerial candidate. In this survey of Times Now, a total of 64 percent people named PM Modi as the next prime ministerial candidate. 

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