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Indian Woman In Pakistan: After Seema Haider who came to India for her love from Pakistan, now a new story is also in discussion. An Indian girl named Anju reached Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan to get engaged to Facebook lover Nasrullah after telling her husband to go to Jaipur. Anju is now being compared to Seema Haider. It is being told that the love story of Anju and Nasrullah dates back to Seema Haider’s arrival in India as Anju had applied to go to Pakistan on June 21. 

Premi Nasrullah said this 
The person whom Anju has reached Pakistan from India to meet was earlier a school teacher and now works as a medical representative. According to a BBC report, Nasrullah, a resident of Pakistan, says that in the next few days Anju and he will get formally engaged and then after ten-twelve days Anju will go back to India. After this she will come to Pakistan for remarriage. Nasrullah said, this is my and Anju’s personal life, we do not want anyone to interfere in it. We are also trying to stay away from the media. 

Both became friends with social media
Both Anju and Nasrullah met on social media and then their friendship turned into love. Anju is a resident of Uttar Pradesh. Presently Anju is living in Nasrullah’s house in Deer Bala. The story of Seema and Anju is being linked together. Both have come out of their country in the affair of love. Both are facing inquiry. Both fell in love online. However, Seema’s PUBG was the beginning of Anju’s Facebook conversation. 

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