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Lok Sabha Election 2024: Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he will contest from the southern states in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.  Can contest from any constituency in Tamil Nadu. Although the local media of Chennai has denied these speculations. Some BJP leaders believe that if PM Modi does this, it will strengthen the party’s hold in South India. 

PM Modi contested from Vadodara and Varanasi constituencies in the last 2014 Lok Sabha elections, whereas in 2019  Only one seat was in the fray from Varanasi. At the same time, speculations are being made that this time the PM may contest from Tamil Nadu along with his traditional Varanasi seat. 

Which seats can PM Modi contest
According to the Telegraph India report, speculations are being made about PM Modi that he will contest from any of the Lok Sabha seats in Tamil Nadu in the Lok Sabha elections to be held next year. One constituency in Tamil Nadu that the BJP is reportedly considering for Modi is Ramanathapuram, in which the Hindu pilgrimage center of Rameswaram falls. The reason behind this is also believed to be that PM Modi himself had emphasized the religious connection between Kashi and Rameshwaram last year. He had said that both are the abode of Lord Shiva. Along with this, he also said that Tamil Nadu is the Kashi of the South. 

The second seat is Kanyakumari, about which a lot of discussion is also going on. The BJP had won this seat in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, although it could not win from here in 2019. In such a situation, speculations are being made that PM Modi may choose it as an option for his two seats. 

Talking about the recent developments, once again it is pointing out that PM Modi will contest from South India seat Lok Sabha elections. In fact only last month Priests from Tamil Nadu were accorded a grand welcome by PM Modi for the installation of the holy Sengol in the new Parliament House

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