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Maharashtra Political Crisis: Political upheaval has come in Maharashtra after Ajit Pawar’s rebellion. Nephew Ajit Pawar has staked his claim on Sharad Pawar’s political party (NCP). The Uddhav Thackeray faction Shiv Sena, through its mouthpiece Saamana, has attacked the Modi government at the Center over political infighting and price rise in Maharashtra. It has been said that the prices of petrol and diesel should start looking ‘economical’, so much so that the prices of tomatoes have increased. Petrol is cheaper than tomato prices, a situation has been created.

It has been written in Saamana that the Modi government came to power in 2014, while talking about the price rise of the UPA government. For the last nine years, they have been ruling the center continuously, but what about inflation? Is inflation hiding in the bill? The reality is that neither rate hike has stopped in Modi’s rule, nor has inflation been sitting in hiding. Tomato prices have increased from Rs 120 to Rs 150 per kg.

‘What is happening differently in Modi’s rule?’
Many questions were also raised on the Modi government regarding inflation in Saamana. Asked that when global rates are low, then why petrol-diesel is not cheap in that proportion? If you are going to blame inflation sometimes on this and sometimes on that, then what is your benefit to the public in the form of a government? Now tomato has crossed Rs 150, yet you are blaming it on monsoon. The same has been happening for years with respect to onions. What is happening differently even under Modi rule? In 9 years of rule, you beat the drum of decisions everywhere, then even after these 9 years, the ‘inflation witch’ Why is she not seen taking the name of getting off the neck of the general public?

‘Government is busy in politics of manipulation’
In Saamana, from the infighting in Maharashtra to Manipur violence and price rise. It was written in the editorial that the rates of vegetables are hitting ‘triple century’. Tomatoes have flared up. The public is turning red with anger. Manipur is burning there but the Modi government is as calm and indifferent as ever. She is beating the drum of 9 years of rule, busy in manipulation politics. Does this government know about the fire of inflation and the condition of the people who are scorching in it?

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