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Buldhana Bus Accident: Big information has come to light in the investigation of the bus accident in Buldhana, Maharashtra. It has been found in the investigation that the driver of the bus was driving the bus in an inebriated state, due to which the accident happened. According to the forensic report (RFSL), 30% more alcohol than the alcohol limit was found in the body of driver Danish. After which the investigation can reach the conclusion that only the driver Danish should be held responsible for this bus accident. In this accident, the driver of the bus Danish and conductor Arvind Maruti Jadhav were saved alive. Police has taken both of them into custody and they have been interrogated. 

The bus driver was asleep
In Maharashtra, there is a limit of 0.03 or 30 MG alcohol in 100ml of blood, but 30% more alcohol was found in the driver’s blood. According to the evidence, the driver was asleep when the accident happened. Now after the report comes out, it can be presented in the court, so that the accused driver and conductor can be punished severely. 

How did the accident happen?
25 passengers were burnt to death when a bus caught fire after hitting a pole and divider on the Samruddhi Expressway in Maharashtra’s Buldhana district on July 1. Had died a painful death. Police had told that on the Nagpur to Aurangabad route, the bus first hit an iron pole and after losing control, hit the divider and overturned. After this Buldhana accident, PM Modi and CM of Maharashtra Eknath Shinde expressed grief and compensation was announced. 

After this accident, the police started checking the vehicles on the Samriddhi Expressway. In which the condition of the wheels of the vehicles, the air/nitrogen pressure and the condition of the emergency windows were considered.  Whether the bus has two drivers and conductors, valid documents and other important factors were also checked.


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