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Manipur Violence: Anger is increasing in every part of the country regarding the incident in Manipur. Meanwhile, an organization of ex-militants in Mizoram has asked the people of the Meitei community living in the state to move to their home state for safety. The organization says that there is anger among Mizo youth over the incident of naked parade and molestation of two women in Manipur. 

Cruelty meted out to women in Manipur

On May 4, two women were paraded naked by a mob of men in Manipur. Whose video surfaced on Wednesday. It is alleged that women were also raped. After this video surfaced, anger erupted in the whole country and everyone is condemning this incident. The first arrest in the case was made on Thursday. Since then a total of six people have been arrested. 

"The youth of Mizoram are angry"

The statement further said that the youth of Mizoram are angry with the vandalism against the Kuki ethnic people in Manipur. PAMRA warned that if Meitai fails to leave Mizoram, he will be held responsible. The organisation’s general secretary C Lalthenlova clarified that it was a general security appeal, not an order or a warning. It expresses concern for the safety of the Meitei community in Mizoram. 

State government gave assurance

He said that we are appealing to the Meitei people to go to their state to avoid any untoward incident. We are not giving any orders to them. Mizoram is home to thousands of Meitai community including students from Manipur and Assam. On the other hand, Mizoram’s Home Commissioner and Secretary H Lalengmawia assured that the state government is making constant efforts to ensure the safety of the Meitei people. The police have also been alerted. 

spoke to the CM of Manipur

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