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PUBG Love Story: The case of Seema Haider, the mother of four children who reached Greater Noida from Pakistan is in headlines. Now Ghulam Haider, husband of Pakistani woman Seema Haider, has appealed to the Government of India to send Seema and the children back to Pakistan. Seema was sent to jail by the Greater Noida Police on July 4, after which Seema’s husband released a video from Saudi Arabia pleading for help from the Modi government. 

What is the whole matter
Pakistani woman Seema Haider crossed the border of three countries and reached Greater Noida to meet Ashiq Sachin. The woman also has four children from her first husband. Seema Haider reached India with all four children to meet PUBG lover Sachin. The Pakistani woman stayed with Sachin in Greater Noida for about a month. After the secret came to light, Sachin and the Pakistani woman were arrested. After the arrest, the discussion of the love story of PUBG is getting tremendous.

Pakistani woman’s husband made this request
Pakistani woman’s husband Ghulam Haider released the video Narendra Modi has urged the government to intervene in this matter. While releasing the video from Saudi Arabia, Ghulam Haider said that his wife and children should be sent back to Pakistan. He alleged that his wife was lured and tricked into coming to India through PUBG.

Husband Ghulam Haider living in Saudi Arabia claimed that there was a love marriage with Seema Haider. Ghulam Haider Zakhrani told about the arrest of his wife that he got information from the Indian media. Ghulam Haider Jakhrani alleged that the wife sold the house and took the jewelery and went with the children. 

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