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NCP Political Crisis: Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Chief Sharad Pawar is fighting the toughest battle of his political life. The party which he raised in 24 years, today he has to struggle to control it. After the rebellion of nephew Ajit Pawar, who was once the most special, many veteran leaders of the party have left him. Ajit Pawar has even questioned Chacha Pawar’s age and advised him to retire. Responding to this, Senior Pawar has said that he is ready to work even at the age of 82. He also revealed that there were thrice talks with the BJP to join the government, but could not move forward.

Talking to India Today, the NCP leader said that he too has not grown old. And repeated Atal Bihari’s famous phrase ‘Na Tired Hoon, Na Retired Hoon’ (Neither tired, nor retired). He said, he can work as long as party workers keep telling him. 

Ajit Pawar had said – when will he retire?

Ajit Pawar did a show of strength with party leaders in Bandra, Mumbai on 5 July. In this meeting, 32 out of 53 NCP MLAs attended. While addressing this meeting, Ajit Pawar had advised uncle Sharad Pawar to retire. He had said, "Government officials retire at the age of 62. BJP leaders retire from politics at the age of 75, you are 83, you have to stop somewhere."

Reacting to this statement of Ajit, senior Pawar said, he is working for the party even without holding any ministerial post. He said, who are they to ask me to retire. I can still work.

Had a talk with BJP

Sharad Pawar disclosed in the same conversation that BJP led government There was a talk with his party for the same. He talked about alliance with BJP in 2014, 2017 and 2019, but due to different ideology, we did not move ahead. 

Praful Patel also replied< /p>

The leader of the Ajit Pawar faction, Praful Patel called the National Working Committee meeting of the Sharad Pawar faction convened in Delhi on July 6 as unauthorized. Praful Patel had said, the appointment of leaders in the working committee has been done in violation of the party constitution. Countering Praful Patel’s claim, Sharad Pawar said, then the appointment of all party leaders, even Praful Patel’s, is illegal. Patel and Supriya Sule were made the working presidents of the party. The senior Pawar also said that it was Praful Patel who proposed his name for party president, following which he was unanimously elected.

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