‘…if you have guts then contest against me’, Brij Bhushan Singh said when Priyanka Gandhi surrounded -aabtak24


Brij Bhushan On Priyanka Gandhi: BJP MP Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh has tweeted about Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi. He said that Priyanka is trying to mislead the country. The law does not consider anyone a criminal on the basis of the police investigation report, this is the right of the court. 

Brij Bhushan said, "It seems that Priyanka Gandhi and Congress do not have faith in the court, so they do media trial of every case. Congress has always conspired against me and my family, some examples of which are in front of all of you." 

Brij Bhushan challenges Priyanka Gandhi 

Brij Bhushan Singh said, ‘Priyanka Gandhi and her party should stop dreaming of politics with the help of lies. Truth always wins and if Priyanka Gandhi wants to see how much truth prevails over lies, then stop playing Twitter-Twitter and dare to contest the Lok Sabha elections against me. Singh


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