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Karnataka Politcs: Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah on Wednesday (July 12) said in the Assembly that he has never done adjustment politics in his entire political career and if anyone can prove it If he has done so, he will leave politics immediately.

There was some laughter in the house on the matter that who would be the leader of the opposition in the assembly. Siddaramaiah took a jibe at senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Basanagouda Patil Yatnal, saying that he was aware that Patil would not be selected for the post.

‘Sit down, BJP will not make you the Leader of the Opposition’
On motion of thanks on the Governor’s address in the Assembly when Janata Dal (Secular) leader H. D. Kumaraswamy was addressing the House Then the CM intervened to give clarification on Griha Jyoti Yojana. On Yatnal’s repeated objections, Siddaramaiah said, “I know you are also one of the aspirants to become the leader of the opposition, please don’t be under the misconception that by repeatedly raising objections and interfering, you will lose the opposition.” Will be made leader. 

Siddaramaiah said, this will never happen, please sit down. They (BJP leadership) will make whoever they want as Leader of the Opposition (LoP). Don’t be under the misconception that you (LOP) will be made just because you keep interrupting when someone is speaking. To the best of my knowledge, they will not make you the Leader of the Opposition.

‘Politics of No Compromise’
Despite it being the second week of the commencement of the Legislature session, the main opposition BJP in the state is yet to appoint the Leader of the Opposition. Yatnal reminded Siddaramaiah that before the 2018 assembly elections, he had repeatedly said that JD(S) leader Kumaraswamy would not become the chief minister, but Kumaraswamy held the post after the elections. 

He took a dig at Siddaramaiah and said that you are now predicting that I will not become the Leader of the Opposition, which means I will become the Leader of the Opposition 100 percent.

Yatnal said, you (Siddaramaiah) are aware that I will not become the Leader of the Opposition, it means you have entered into an agreement with someone (in the BJP). Siddaramaiah retorted on this and said that he has never done politics of compromise in his political life. He said,  You can ask anyone that when I was in the opposition, did I go to the house of any chief minister or minister to seek any help.

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