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Nine Years of Modi Govt: After coming to power at the Center, the Modi government has completed its 9 years. Which BJP is presenting as an event, BJP has listed all the works of Modi government on this occasion. In the last 9 years, the Modi government took many big decisions like triple talaq and removal of Article 370. Although many challenges are still left in front of the Modi government, on which the government has to work. On the occasion of completion of 9 years of the government, we are telling you about the 9 challenges of the Modi government. 

1. Unemployment: The Modi government may be releasing all its figures for the last 9 years, but in the last few years the government has been on the backfoot on the unemployment front. The opposition has also surrounded the government on unemployment figures. 

2. Inflation: The second challenge before the Modi government will be to reduce inflation. Inflation has also increased rapidly in the country in the last few years. Be it the prices of food items or the prices of petrol and diesel, inflation has broken the back of the common man on every front. 

3. Eliminating poverty: The third challenge of the Modi government is to eliminate poverty. The figures that are coming out regarding poverty are shocking and worrying. According to a report by Pew Research Center, the number of poor in India has doubled. At the same time, some reports also came, in which it was told that there is a huge increase in the wealth of a few people in India and most of the people are going below the poverty line. 

4. Relief to the farmers: The fourth challenge before the Modi government is to give relief to the farmers. The government had promised the farmers to double their income, which has not been fulfilled till now. Also, it is a big challenge to solve the problems of farmers regarding MSP. 

5. Economy of five trillion dollars: There are many challenges on the front of the economy for the government in power at the center. The government has talked about making the country an economy of five trillion dollars, although the country is currently stable at about $ 3.5 trillion. Means it is a big challenge for the government to fulfill this target. 

6. CAA Implementation: Implementation of the Citizenship Act is also a big challenge before the Modi government. It was approved about four years ago, but till now the government could not implement it. Violent protests took place across the country against the CAA. In which many people had lost their lives. Although Home Minister Amit Shah has been saying that CAA and NRC will be implemented. 

7. Restraint on China: The neighboring country China is also standing as a big challenge in front of the Modi government. China has been continuously aggressive on the Indian border. From Galvan to Tawang, China has created problems for India on every front. The opposition has also been besieging the Modi government regarding this. 

8. Treatment of Pakistan: Like China, there are many types of threats for India from other neighboring country Pakistan. Pakistan works to spread terrorism in India from across the border. Target killings have also increased in Kashmir in the last few years, which means Pakistan is also a big challenge for the government on the front of terrorism. 

9. Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Lok Sabha elections are going to be held in 2024 after the completion of two terms of the Modi government. In which the opposition can become a big challenge for the Modi government. All the opposition parties are preparing to form a united front or a grand alliance against the BJP, if it really happens then fighting it will be a big challenge for the Modi government. 

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