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Seema Haider News: The love story of Seema Haider, a resident of Pakistan and Sachin Meena of India, remains in the headlines. Seema Haider is constantly being accused of being a Pakistani spy. ATS has been questioning Seema for the last two days. At the same time, ATS and investigative agencies have increased the scope of their investigation.

Investigating agencies will investigate wherever Seema Haider stayed till reaching India from Nepal. Not only this, the people to whom Seema Haider sent friend requests on social media will also be investigated. 

ATS has been questioning Seema for the last two days 
The ATS is continuously questioning the people coming to India illegally by crossing the Nepal border for their love. At the same time, the investigating agency will also find out who are the two people with whom Seema Haider was in contact in Nepal. At the same time, many such things have come to the fore in the interrogation of ATS from the border, due to which the suspicion on him is getting deeper. How does Seema have such a good knowledge of Hindu customs and how she speaks such pure Hindi.

Seema came to India on May 4 
Seema in question. Constantly saying that she came to India for her love Sachin. She had entered India via Nepal with her four children on 4th May. During interrogation, the ATS also asked Seema whether anyone had told her to be careful while messaging on mobile phones and chatting on the Internet. Along with this, she was also asked whether she used to use any code words while talking to Sachin. 

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