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Eric Garcetti On India US Relation: After the recent US state visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the statement of Eric Garcetti, Ambassador of United States of America (USA) to India has come to the fore. He said on Wednesday (June 28) that India-US partnership would be beneficial not only for both the countries but for the whole world.

According to news agency PTI, the US Ambassador to India said, “I witnessed an incredible celebration of the relationship between the world’s two great democracies… I saw the power of transformative friendship. As PM Modi said, the scope of our cooperation is limitless and the chemistry of our relationship is effortless.”

‘Dreams become reality in India’

Eric Garcetti further said, “India is a place where dreams become reality every day. Our country and India have many things in common. The Indian dream and the American dream are two sides of the same coin.. A young tea seller leads India on the global stage and a Santhali teacher becomes the President.”

Speaking on the relationship between India and America, he said, "India conducts more military exercises with the US than any other country. Now is the time to reshape and reset our vision and then make it real. America and India are better and bring prosperity when we work together for peace."

What did S Jaishankar say?

There, India’s Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar said, "Today, it is a very polarized world and the global stage is much more challenging. We have exceptionally good relations with the United States. Modi ji’s recent visit to America has been our most fruitful visit in history."

He further said, “We have moved into a positive zone with America shaping the world for common purposes. The focus on Europe is remarkable. The big issue before us is to make a free trade agreement, but we are more optimistic than in the past.”

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