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New Parliament Inauguration: The history of the country is about to change in just a few hours. The doors of the most magnificent temple of the world’s largest democracy are about to open. After a few hours, the country is going to get a new Parliament House. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the new Parliament House tomorrow i.e. Sunday (May 28). Where BJP is telling it a moment of pride. At the same time, 21 opposition parties have decided to boycott the inauguration ceremony.

When PM Modi will inaugurate the new parliament, non-NDA parties will also be present in this function. Apart from these, the important questions are that how is this biggest building of the most powerful democracy? After all, why did it need to be built and what will happen to the old building built by the British? Let’s know the answers to these questions…

Changed the history of colonial era slavery
On 20 May 2014, PM Narendra Modi put his head on the stairs before stepping into Parliament for the first time. Just like the devotees bow their heads in reverence while entering a temple. At the same time, on May 28, 2023, PM Modi is going to inaugurate the new Parliament House. PM Modi has changed the history of colonial era slavery existing in the country during his tenure of 9 years and 8 days.

How was the Parliament formed?
This building, which is today called the Parliament of India, was inaugurated by Lord Irwin in 1927 as the Viceroy’s House. At the time of slavery, this building was built by the British as a building of their power and opulence by spending 83 lakh rupees of the sweat and blood of the Indian citizens. 

From independence till now, this building has been witness to every step in the changing history of the country. This building saw India’s freedom struggle – in 1947, at the midnight of independence, the British handed over power at this place. This building became the first parliament of independent India. It was here that the first speech of independence was read.

New text written in Amritkal
Now in front of this building new text of independent India’s Amritkal has been written. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, within three years, the construction of the new Parliament House has been completed at a cost of 971 crores. The world’s largest democracy is coming out of the building of slavery and making it feel its power and strength.

The new Parliament building is completely built by Indian technology, Indian architecture, Indian engineers and the hands of the people of India. The builders of the old building were British, but the money and hands were of Indians. There was nothing to be proud of, as the building was a symbol of slavery.

Why the British building has become small?
This colonial building has suffered a lot in 95 years. It can be said that according to the needs of modern times, it has become old. Here even the sitting area of ​​the MPs cannot be increased. In such a situation, the need for a new Parliament House was being felt for a long time. Regarding this, Meira Kumar, who was the speaker of the Lok Sabha during the UPA government, had put forth the demand for a new building in front of the government in 2012 itself. 

After that, during the NDA regime, Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan had put this demand in front of the Central Government in 2015 and the present Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla in 2019. After thinking for more than a year, Prime Minister Modi laid the foundation stone of the new Parliament House on 10 December 2020.

How is the new parliament?
The new parliament is a triangular building with more space and facilities than the circular parliament building. The Lok Sabha had 552 seats in the old Parliament, while the new Parliament has 888 seats. Rajya Sabha had 245 seats in the old Parliament, while the new Parliament has 384 seats. Apart from this, there are already 1,272 seats in the Lok Sabha hall for the joint session of Parliament. The National Tree Banyan is present in the Central Lounge. 

The National Emblem made of bronze on the Parliament House weighs 9,500 kg. Talking about the facilities in the new Parliament, only two members will sit on each bench. Touch screen audio-video system will be installed on the seat, which will be with UPS power backup. In the new Parliament, 92 rooms have been made for the Council of Ministers. At the same time, each MP will have his own office space. The new parliament has 17,000 square meters more space than the old parliament. The new Lok Sabha is three times the size of the existing Lok Sabha.

What will happen to the old parliament building?
Now the question arises that what will happen to the old parliament after the formation of the new parliament? According to the information that has been received so far, the old parliament will work as a complement to the new parliament. Some part of parliamentary work will also be done from here. Along with this, the old Parliament will also be equipped with modern facilities and at the same time a part of it will be made a museum and opened for the common people.

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