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NASA And ESA On Chandrayaan 3 Launch: The space agencies of America and Europe on Friday (July 14) congratulated the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) on the successful launch of its third lunar mission ‘Chandrayaan-3’. Congratulations.

ISRO successfully launched Chandrayaan-3 through LVM3-M4 rocket from Satish Dhawan Space Center, Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh. LVM3-M4 is the largest and heaviest rocket in its class and is called the ‘Fat Boy’.

ESA congratulates ISRO on the launch of Chandrayaan-3

The European Space Agency (ESA) tweeted, “Congratulations to ISRO on this spectacular launch!” ESA said in a statement that it is providing support to Chandrayaan-3 through its European Space Tracking (ESTRAC) network of deep space stations. These are ground stations on Earth that help operators stay connected to spacecraft during missions outside space.

NASA said this on the launch of Chandrayaan-3

America’s Space Agency National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Administrator Senator Bill Nelson also congratulated ISRO on the launch of Chandrayaan-3. He tweeted, “Congratulations to ISRO on the launch of Chandrayaan-3. I wish it a safe journey to the moon. I look forward to the scientific results from this mission.”

111 lunar missions were sent in the last seven decades, so many were successful

According to ISRO chief S. Somnath, Chandrayaan-3 will have a ‘soft landing’ on August 23 after reaching the desired altitude. A plan has been made to conduct. Of the 111 lunar missions over the past seven decades, 62 were successful, 41 failed and eight were partially successful, according to data on lunar missions by the US space agency NASA.

The first mission to the Moon ‘Pioneer 0’ America had sent on August 17, 1958 which was unsuccessful. Six more lunar missions that year by Russia and the US failed.

Former Chairman of ISRO G. Madhavan Nair said this

G Madhavan Nair, former chairman of the Indian Defense Research Organization (ISRO), said that the success rate of lunar missions is only 50 percent and this is because of the uncertainties in the timing of the rocket leaving the Earth’s gravitational field. According to the data, from 1958 to 2023, apart from India, the US, Russia, Japan, the European Union, China and Israel have launched various lunar missions.

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