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Rahul Gandhi Defamation Case: After not getting relief from the Gujarat High Court in the defamation case, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi moved the Supreme Court on Saturday (July 16). Challenging the July 7 order of the High Court (Gujarat HC), he said that if that order is not stayed, it will suffocate free speech, free expression, free thought.

The Gujarat High Court had rejected Rahul Gandhi’s plea seeking a stay on his conviction in a criminal defamation case involving the Modi surname. In the petition filed in the Supreme Court, it was said that if relief is not given to the petitioner, he will lose eight years of his career. 

What did Rahul Gandhi say in the petition?

"People of Wayanad will be at loss"

He said that he represents a Lok Sabha constituency and by punishing him on the flimsy ground of defamation, the people of the constituency were prevented from raising their voice in Parliament and participating in the democratic governance of the country. He said that the conviction and sentence not being stayed would cause irreparable loss to the people of Wayanad constituency by leaving them without representation for months. 

Surat court sentenced him to 2 years

Rahul Gandhi was convicted in this case by the Metropolitan Magistrate Court of Surat on March 23 and sentenced to two years in jail. In fact, Rahul Gandhi remarked during an election rally in Karnataka in 2019 that why all thieves have the same surname as Modi. Gujarat’s BJP MLA Purnesh Modi filed a criminal defamation case against him for this remark. 

disqualified from membership of Parliament

Rahul Gandhi was disqualified from the membership of Parliament after being punished by the court. They Lok Sabha elections. Under section 8(3) of the Representation of the People Act, a person convicted of any offense and sentenced to two years’ imprisonment shall be disqualified from contesting elections for the period of the sentence and for six years thereafter.

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