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Manipur Violence: There is anger across the country in the matter of parading two women naked in Manipur. It has put humanity to shame. Meanwhile, rhetoric has started in the matter between Union Minister Smriti Irani and Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Mahua Moitra. 

Congress released a report card mentioning Manipur violence. In this, he wrote that there is a report card of Smriti Irani, in which she proved to be a failure. In this, the party further wrote that Irani remained silent on Manipur violence. Sexual Harassment of Women: Unaware of the plight of women! He regained consciousness after two months. 

Responding to this, Women and Child Development Minister Smriti Irani said that very few people are able to do such meanness – keeping score card of women. There are very few examples of willful ignorance that appear consistently. Congress has scored well on both the fronts ie meanness and willful ignorance. Let’s discuss in Parliament if dynasty permits. 

There are depths of depravity very few are capable of — keeping a score card are women. There are instances of willful ignorance very few incessantly exhibit. On both counts—depravity and willful ignorance—Congress scores well. Discuss in Parliament if the dynasty permits.

What did Mahua Moitra say?
On the reply of BJP leader Smriti Irani, TMC MP Mahua Moitra said that sorry is not mean. The meanness is those who talk about fake attacks of other states in the BJP Manipur case. Prime Minister
Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and Women and Child Development Minister Smriti Irani keep silence on the loss of our sister.

He further wrote that it is meanness when you are not able to protect our wrestlers. You can buy the dictionary if Mounguru allows it. 

What is the matter?
News agency PTI quoted the FIR in the case as saying that  A man was killed by the mob on May 4, who tried to stop some people from raping his sister. According to the FIR, the two women were then paraded naked and sexually assaulted in front of other people.  

Sorry WCD Minister. This isn’t Depravity. Depravity is BJP deflecting Manipur issue with all out fake news assault in other states. When PM, HM & WCD keep mum while our sisters die. Depravity is when your chair can’t protect our wrestlers.

Buy a dictionary. If MountGuru permits.

Tribal Solidarity March on May 3 in protest against the demand of the Meitei community for Scheduled Tribe status in Manipur. More than 150 people have died in the violence that broke out in the state after the event. 

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