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India Gifts INS Kirpan To Vietnam: Indian Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar will on Saturday (July 22) gift an operational indigenous warship ‘Kirpan’ to the Vietnamese Navy at a military base in the South China Sea. It is believed that with this step, India will be able to surround China in its own house.

Like other neighbors, China also has a dispute with Vietnam over land. Vietnam borders China to the north and the South China Sea to the east. India and Vietnam have cordial relations as India helped Vietnam in the Sino-Vietnam War of 1979, due to which China had to face a backlash.

India’s strategy has never been one of expansionism like that of China, but it is expected that INS Kirpan gifted to Vietnam may come in handy to contain the uncontrollable dragon.   

INS Kirpan reached Vietnam on July 8

In a report in India Today, quoting top officials, it has been told that the warship is reaching the naval base of Vietnam. There first it will be retired from the Indian Navy. Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar will then hand it over to the Vietnamese Navy.

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This warship has been involved in many campaigns

INS Kirpan is the third indigenously built Khukri class missile corvette. It is equipped with many weapons and sensors. It has so far been involved in many operational and humanitarian aid operations.

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India gifted to Vietnam


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