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Kota Neet Jee coaching: To say that Kota is the city of dreams for the students looking for a golden future. That is because every year thousands of students come here to prepare for their bright future by cracking the NEET and JEE exams. Most of these dreams come true. Despite this, there are some students who lose the battle of their lives due to failure due to some reasons.

In recent times, due to depression or any other reason, their suicide cases are increasing. Because of which this Kota factory of coaching is now becoming a hub of suicides of students. Let’s have a look what is the whole story of this dream city of golden future.

18 students have committed suicide so far in 2023

In the last 6 months this year, a total of 18 students have committed suicide due to various reasons. Some of them are also girl students. Coaching started in Kota in 1980. At that time there were only one or two coaching centers here. Gradually it grew and in the last 40 years Kota city has become a big hub of coaching in the country. Presently more than 150 coaching centers are running here.

Not only this, 3800 hostel buildings are ready for the students here and 500 more will be ready by next year. Earlier there were very few suicide cases, one or two in a year. Now when the number of coaching centers and coaching hostels is increasing continuously, the cases of suicide of students are also increasing. According to a statistic, 150 students who came for coaching have committed suicide in the last 10 years.

Study Stress

Experts believe that the stress of excessive studies can be one of the reasons for this. Most of the children come here for coaching after topping their districts or schools. Despite working hard, due to tough competition, when they are not able to succeed even in two-three attempts, they cannot bear its stress and take wrong steps.

Lack of family support

Most of the children who come for coaching in Kota are 16 or 17 years old. Parents fully understand their responsibility by getting admission in good hostel and coaching. Psychiatrists believe that sometimes a child is not mentally strong enough to stay alone and prepare for such a big exam. That’s why it is very important that parents take full care of their children even after coaching and putting them in hostels.

Home Circumstances and Parental Pressure

It also happens with many children that due to the weak economic condition of the house, the parents send their children for medical and engineering studies by taking a loan or loan. Knowingly or unknowingly in front of the children, he also talks about this debt and loan many times. Due to which unnecessary pressure on the child increases. Fear settles inside him and he takes wrong steps when he fails.

Plan B is also necessary for career

According to the experts, it is necessary for the parents to have a plan B to make a career for their children. That is because many children do not have the ability to crack NEET and JEE. Even after this, for the sake of status symbol, their parents forcefully send them for coaching in Kota. When that child is not able to qualify even in two or three attempts, then he has no other option. Due to which fear sits inside him. Since he is left with no other option, he is forced to commit suicide.

There are many other reasons for suicide

There are other reasons apart from studies and parental pressure. Due to which the tendency of suicide increases in the students. The operators running the hostels believe that some of the students who come for coaching fall into the wrong company in the very beginning. Due to which his mind completely deviates from studies. He starts getting intoxicated. Apart from this, by indulging in other wrong activities, they form their own separate gang. Because of this, he gradually starts facing financial crisis and he goes into depression due to drug addiction. In the end, he sees suicide as the only option.

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