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Coromandel Train Accident: Railways Ministry spokesperson Amitabh Sharma on Saturday (June 3) said that 58 trains have been canceled and 81 canceled following the gruesome three-train accident in Odisha’s Balasore district. have been diverted, while 10 trains have been stopped before their destination. 

Most of all the affected trains belong to the South and South-Eastern Railway zones. So far 288 people have lost their lives in the train accident. According to the latest railway data, South Eastern Railway has canceled Chennai-Howrah Mail, Darbhanga-Kanyakumari Express and Kamakhya-LTT Express which started its journey on June 3. The Railways has also canceled the Patna-Puri special train which was scheduled to commence journey on June 4.
Mangalore-Santragachi Vivek Superfast Express cancelled
South Railways has announced Mangalore-Santragachi Vivek Superfast Express to leave Mangalore at 11.00 am on June 3, Dr. MGR Chennai Central-Shalimar Coromandel Express to leave Chennai at 7.00 am on June 4, Chennai at 8.10 am on June 4. Dr MGR Chennai Central – Santragachi AC Superfast train running is cancelled.

10 trains stopped before their destination
Southern Railway has decided to leave Rangapara North at 5.15 am on June 3, Rangapara North-Erode Superfast special train, from Guwahati on June 6 The Guwahati-Shri M. Visvesvaraya Bengaluru Tri-Weekly Superfast Express scheduled to leave at 6.20 am, the Kamakhya-Sri M. Visvesvaraya Bengaluru AC Superfast Express scheduled to leave Kamakhya at 2.00 pm on June 7 have been cancelled. Railways has decided to stop 10 trains before their destination. 

Special MEMU train
South Eastern Railway ran from Howrah to Balasore at 4 pm on June 3 to take the relatives of the passengers affected by the accident near Bahanagar Bazar station. A special MEMU (MEMU) train has also been run. This train will stop at Santragachi, Uluberia, Bagnan, Macheda, Panskura, Balichak, Kharagpur, Hijli, Belda and Jaleshwar. Southern Railway is also running a special train from Chennai to Bhadrak for the families/relatives of those affected by the accident. 

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