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Amit Shah Appeal: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Thursday (July 13) urged the global community to go from ‘Dynamite to Metaverse’ and ‘From Hawala to Cryptocurrency’ warned of growing security challenges by 2020 and urged the G-20 countries to act against these crimes, going beyond traditional boundaries.

Shah on ‘Crime and Cyber ​​Security in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse and NFTs’ But while addressing the inaugural session of the G-20 conference, he said that terrorists are using new methods and new technologies for financial transactions, posing a threat to the security system and digital infrastructure.

Technology being used by global forces
Without naming anyone, Shah said,‘‘Technology plays an important role in bringing people, communities and countries closer, but some anti-social Elements and global forces are also using technology to cause economic and social harm to citizens and governments.’’

He said, ‘‘G-20 so far focused on digital transformation, data flow for economic approach but now it has become more important to understand crime, security aspects and find solutions.’’

Such activities are a cause of national concern
Shah said that such activities are a cause of concern at the national level as they directly affect national security, law and order and the economy. He said that if such crimes and criminals are to be stopped, then we have to think and work beyond the traditional geographical boundaries.

Uniformity will have to be brought in the laws of all countries – Home Minister 
The Union Home Minister said, “Given several suggestions for action against cyber criminals operating from across the border, in which all countries Bringing uniformity in laws, developing a response mechanism under different laws of countries, establishing greater coordination among cyber agencies of all countries, etc.

He said, ‘‘An integrated and stable approach towards cyber security policies will increase trust in information sharing, agency rules will not come in the way and resource constraints will be removed. Sharing ‘real-time cyber threat intelligence’ among member countries Sharing is the need of the hour.’’

Shah said that our approach to the Internet should neither be too independent to threaten the existence of our countries nor be divisive in nature.

Cyber ​​attacks have happened in many countries – Minister Shah 
He said, ‘‘ Cyber ​​attacks have taken place in many countries and these threats are hovering over all major economies of the world. According to the estimates of the World Bank, cyber attacks would have caused a loss of $ 5200 billion worldwide between 2019-2023. The use of cryptocurrency complicates the process of detection and prevention.’’

The Home Minister also suggested that speedy preservation, investigation and coordination of evidence is necessary, in line with the United Nations Convention on the Criminal Use of Information and Communication Technologies. He said that there is a need to strengthen the Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) to deal with the upcoming technologies.

There is a need for a dedicated common channel between the countries 
The Home Minister said that due to the increase in cyber crimes related to digital currency, there is a need for a common channel between the countries to prevent such economic irregularities. ‘‘Dedicated Shared Channel’’ need.

The world needs a new model- Shah
He further said, ‘‘India has introduced Aadhaar model for digital identity, UPI mode for faster payments, digital commerce For this, open networks (ONDC, and Open Health Service Network) etc. have been developed. The world today needs a new model for digital public infrastructure to facilitate the flow of information and finance. This will help the countries of the world to digitally empower their citizens.’’

The Union Home Minister also said that India has launched the world’s largest training program for cyber security. This online course platform ‘CY Train’ Being run through the portal.

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