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BJP State President A Sharda Devi on CM N Biren Singh: Violence continues in Manipur due to caste clashes between two communities. Meanwhile, BJP state president Adhikarimayum Sharda Devi on Saturday (June 30) lauded Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his visit to the violence-hit state on Thursday (June 29). 

BJP state president said that the public has full faith in CM N Biren Singh’s government and the situation will improve soon. On the other hand, Sharda Devi said that the current situation is the result of the actions of the previous government. He also suggested not to politicize the current situation in Manipur.

‘I appreciate him’- BJP state president
Sharda Devi said, “In this situation of Manipur, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has visited the state, which is right.” However, she also said that the focus should be on resolving the situation and bringing back peace. The issue should not be politicised. 

‘This is the result of previous government’s action’
BJP state president A Sharda Devi supported the people’s move to support Chief Minister N Biren Singh by stopping him from tendering his resignation. He said, ‘People have come out in support of the Chief Minister because they have faith that the situation will improve. People believe that if the situation is not controlled this time, then the situation can become uncontrollable. The present condition of the state is the result of the actions of the previous government. The public has full faith in CM Biren’s government.’

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