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US Magazine On India: America’s leading magazine ‘Foreign Policy’ in its latest article has written about the emergence of India as an important power in the Middle East. This is being seen as one of the most interesting geopolitical developments in the region in the last few years. The article highlights India’s deep and growing ties with key countries in the region, including Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

It has been said that these countries seem keen to take advantage of India’s rise in the changing international system. The author of this article, Steven A. Cook argued that there was little chance that the US could intervene in the event. 

American magazine article on India

He said that America can also benefit from this development. If America’s West Asian partners are looking for an alternative to Washington, then New Delhi should be one of those options. He wrote that the US can no longer remain the undisputed dominant power in the region, but as India expands its presence in West Asia, neither Russia nor China can play that role. 

India emerges as a major player in the Middle East

Cook, recalling his visit to India about a decade ago, mentioned that at that time it had come to his mind that Indians did not want to play a major role in West Asia. However, he said things have changed in the 10 years since his visit.

He wrote that American officials and analysts are influenced by every diplomatic move of China and look at Chinese investments in the Middle East with suspicion. While Washington is ignoring one of the most interesting geopolitical developments in the region in years, the emergence of India as a major player in the Middle East. 

Mentioned the growing relationship with UAE and Saudi Arabia

Best relations with Israel

On India’s strong ties with Israel, it said that New Delhi has the best ties with Israel among the most developed ties. Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Israel in 2017, particularly in the areas of high technology and defence. Cook argued that all aspects of the US-India relationship Despite the positive atmosphere, it seems unlikely that New Delhi wants to be the strategic partner Washington imagines it to be. 

Time to take India’s power seriously

The article said that Washington should temper its expectations about expanding India’s economic and security ties in the Middle East. It said that it is unlikely that India will side with the US, but it It is also unlikely that New Delhi will undermine Washington as both Beijing and Moscow have done. The time has come to take New Delhi’s power in the region seriously. 

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