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Maharashtra Politics: After the infighting in Maharashtra, the game of power politics has started. NCP’s Ajit Pawar has also joined the government and now again the matter of tussle regarding departments is coming to the fore. Meanwhile, various types of news also came out about Eknath Shinde, in which it was told that his chair is in danger, however, when the speculation about Devendra Fadnavis going to Delhi intensified, the picture seemed to be changing. Let us know that at present in Maharashtra What is going on and where is this power politics taking a turn. 

Actually, from the events that have happened in Maharashtra in the last few days, it has become clear that Eknath Shinde’s chair will remain intact for the time being, the biggest reason for this is that there is a preparation to call Devendra Fadnavis to Delhi. There may be a change in the Union cabinet soon, after which Fadnavis may be called to Delhi and assigned some responsibility. 

Confrontation between Fadnavis and Shinde?
If Maharashtra Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis is really called to Delhi, Eknath Shinde will be the biggest beneficiary of it. There were also reports of a power tussle between the two leaders. Last month i.e. in June, there was a lot of discussion about an advertisement, in this advertisement published in the newspapers of Maharashtra, the slogan of Modi for the country and Shinde for Maharashtra was given. This advertisement was printed on behalf of the supporters of Eknath Shinde. This advertisement fueled the cold war between Fadnavis and Shinde. However, on this Eknath Shinde clarified that there is nothing like this and there is no estrangement between the two leaders. 

Whose benefit and whose loss?
Now talking about advantages and disadvantages, if Fadnavis is really removed from the politics of Maharashtra and brought to Delhi, then it will prove to be very beneficial for Eknath Shinde. Because after this, all the coming elections will be fought under the leadership of Shinde, due to which instead of reducing his power, it can increase more. Since both the major opposition parties except the Congress, the Shiv Sena and the NCP are part of the Shinde government, the power will be in the hands of the one who will lead the alliance. BMC elections in coming days, Lok Sabha elections and then assembly elections are to be held. Which can decide the future of all political parties in Maharashtra. 

Ruckus over the division of the Finance Ministry
At present, there is a ruckus in Maharashtra regarding the division of departments. The talk of handing over the finance ministry to Ajit Pawar, who joined the government, is coming to the fore. On which the matter is almost final. At present, Devendra Fadnavis has the responsibility of home and finance. In such a situation, if this ministry is snatched from him, then it can prove to be a big blow for him. It is believed that the BJP’s performance in the by-elections on the Andheri East seat and the council elections held in February this year may go against Fadnavis. Because in this election BJP was wiped out in Nagpur dominated by Devendra Fadnavis and RSS. This was considered a big blow for Fadnavis and the BJP. Now if Fadnavis is really called from Maharashtra then this could be the reason behind it. 

Means overall, if the MLAs of Shinde faction are saved from disqualification till the elections, then it will be a big relief for them. Also Eknath Shinde can strengthen his party further in the coming elections only while being the chief minister. Because he has already got the Shiv Sena and its election symbol, now it is his turn to prove himself in the elections. In the coming few days, seat sharing will also matter a lot for the Lok Sabha and Vidhansabha. Who has the upper hand in the Shinde and Ajit Pawar factions, it will be clear from the distribution of seats. 

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