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PM Modi Attack On Congress: Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) addressed a public meeting in Ajmer (Ajmer) of Rajasthan on Wednesday (May 31). During this, he fiercely attacked the opposition. Also accused Congress of taking 85 percent commission in every development project. 

PM Modi said, "There was never a shortage of money for development works in our country. Congress is such a party which takes 85 percent commission in every project." The Prime Minister’s attack comes two weeks after the BJP’s defeat in Karnataka. During the Karnataka elections, the Congress termed the previous government in the state (BJP) as a ’40 per cent commission government’. 

He said, "Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had also accepted that if the Congress government sends 100 paise, 85 paise would go to corruption. Congress is the party that gets 85 percent commission in every scheme. The Congress, during its rule, had made such a corrupt system that was sucking the blood of the country, which was eating up the development of the country."

‘Congress only lies’

PM further said, "Congress only knows how to lie and even today Congress is doing the same. Congress has always cheated even the heroes. It is the Congress, which betrayed our ex-servicemen in the name of ‘One Rank One Pension’ for four decades. Congress’s strategy has always been to ‘beguile the poor, yearn for the poor’."

‘The Congress government was run by remote control’

He further said, "What was the situation before 2014? People were on the streets against corruption and there were terrorist attacks in big cities. There was a superpower over the Prime Minister and the government was working by remote control. During Congress rule, crimes against women were high and youth were under ‘darkness’."

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