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PM Modi Speech: Prime Minister Narendra Modi while laying the foundation stone of several projects in Telangana’s Warangal termed Chief Minister KCR’s Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) and Congress as a threat to the state. 

PM Modi said, ‘‘KCR government means the most corrupt government. Now the strings of their corruption have spread till Delhi. Earlier we used to hear news about development related agreements between two countries or two state governments, but this is the first time that there have been allegations of corruption between two political parties and two state governments.’’  

He has said this regarding the matter of liquor policy of Delhi. PM Modi claimed that BJP is going to sweep everyone in the Telangana assembly elections to be held later this year. 

What did PM Modi allege?
PM Modi said that it is unfortunate that the people of Telangana, for which they had fought and sacrificed so much, had to see such days. It has come. 
He alleged that  The government of Telangana has only four tasks left, including abusing Modi morning and evening, keeping only one family as the center of power, Telangana itself and to sink Telangana into corruption. 

PM Modi mentions government posts 
PM Modi, alleging scams in recruitment to various government posts,  said that the KCR government has betrayed the youth here .  He said that the Telangana government made false promises and false announcements for the poor, dalits, adivasis, youth, while the BJP government at the Center has truly empowered these people. 

Congress attacked
Targeting the Congress, PM Modi said that nowadays some people are coming with false guarantees to mislead the public before the elections.  He said that the people of Telangana are experiencing everything. That’s why today Telangana’s aspiration, hope and expectation is that this time BJP government. 

KCR’s son hit back
 Telangana government minister and CM KCR’s son KT Rama Rao hit back at PM Modi, saying he should fill the vacancies at the center before the vacant posts in the state But we should talk.  He made this comment in response to PM Modi’s statement regarding thousands of posts of teachers remaining vacant in the state. 

Rama Rao also alleged that PM Modi had ‘taken’ the Rs 20,000 crore rail engine factory to Gujarat. And has insulted the people of the state by announcing Rs 520 crore railway coach factory in Telangana.

What did KT Rama Rao say?
Rama Rao said,  Before talking about vacancies in state-run universities, PM Modi should first fill the vacancies in central universities across the country. The Prime Minister should resolve the issue of Governor not giving approval to the law brought by our government to fill the vacant posts in the universities. 

KTR said Modi did not utter a word about the Bayyaram steel plant mentioned in the Andhra Pradesh bifurcation act that aims to provide employment to 15,000 locals. 

He alleged that coming to Telangana to attack the BRS government here, lying and giving speeches but ‘returning empty handed’ It has become a habit of Modi. 

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