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PM Modi Total Highest State Honour: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is now in Egypt on a two-day state visit after the US tour. This is PM Modi’s first visit to Egypt and also he is the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Egypt in 26 years. PM Modi was conferred with Egypt’s highest honor ‘Order of the Nile’ award on his arrival in Egypt. 

This honor was given by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to the Prime Minister in Cairo, the capital of Egypt Narendra Modi. Let us tell you that this is the 13th highest state honor that various countries around the world have given to PM Modi. There are also awards that he has received from many organizations and foundations. 

PM Modi received award from these countries

  1. Companion of the Order of Logohu: This highest civilian award was given to PM Modi in May 2023 for Papua New Guinea’s support for the unity of Pacific island nations and leadership for the Global South.  
  2. Companion of the Order of Fiji: Fiji’s highest honor in recognition of PM Modi’s global leadership to be conferred on him in May 2023.
  3. Abakal Award of the Republic of Palau: Papua New Guinea During the visit, PM Modi was received by the President of the Republic of Palau, Surangel S. Whips Jr. to be awarded the Abakal Award in May 2023.
  4. Order of the Druk Gyalpo: Bhutan to confer PM Modi with ‘Order of the Druk Gyalpo’, its highest civilian honor in December 2021 PM Modi received the US government’s ‘Legion of Merit’ in 2020.
  5. ‘The King Hamad Order of the Renaissance’: PM Modi was honored by Bahrain in 2019.
  6. Order of Distinguished Rule of Nishan Izzuddin: It is awarded to foreign dignitaries It is the highest honor of Maldives to be given. Maldives gave this honor to PM Modi in the year 2019.
  7. ‘The Order of St. Andrew the Apostle: This is the highest civilian honor of Russia. PM Modi was honored with it in 2019.
  8. Order of Zayed: It is the highest civilian honor of the United Arab Emirates. PM Modi was honored with it in 2019.
  9. Grand Collar of the State of Palestine: Palestine honored PM Modi with this award in 2018.
  10. Amir Amanullah Khan Award: It is the highest civilian honor of Afghanistan. PM Modi was awarded this honor in 2016.
  11. Order of Abdulaziz Al Saud: Saudi Arabia conferred this honor on PM Modi in 2016.

PM Modi received these awards from organizations and foundations

  1.  PM Modi was awarded the ‘Global Energy and Environment Leadership Award’ in 2021 by Cambridge Energy Research Associates. The award recognizes leadership’s commitment to the future of global energy and the environment.
  2.  PM Modi was given the Global Goalkeeper Award by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan-2019.
  3.  Champions of the Earth Award: This award was given to PM Modi in 2018. It is the highest environmental honor of the United Nations.
  4.  Seoul Peace Prize: South Korea honored PM Modi with this award in 2018. It is given biennially. This award is given for contribution to human welfare, reconciliation between nations and world peace.

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