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The results of the Grand Alliance meeting held in Patna two days ago are now slowly coming out… According to sources, the name of the Grand Alliance fighting against the NDA in 2024 will be PDA… PDA means Patriotic Democratic Alliance.. Means, nationalism is answered by patriotism…The name of the Grand Alliance can be formally announced in the meeting to be held in Shimla next month…But the name PDA has been discussed even before that…6 days ago Samajwadi Party President of Akhilesh Yadav also gave the slogan of fight of PDA vs NDA…but the full form of Akhilesh’s PDA was different…According to him PDA means backward, dalit and minority…whatever the name may be but The question is, how will we challenge Modi until we meet each other… The way Aam Aadmi Party and Congress are face to face after the Patna meeting, the message of unity does not go through…Only AAP and Congress Not only this, but the Left parties and TMC also came face to face… so bitter that Mamta Banerjee did not even wait for Sitaram Yechury’s speech during the press conference…
These differences are at the time of seat sharing But the talks haven’t even started…these differences are at a time when there has not even been a discussion about the face of the opposition…will the matter be resolved just by fixing the name…today there is a hue and cry on these same questions but first strike- Counterattack…

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