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PM Modi Meets Leena Nair: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is currently on a tour of France. On Friday (July 14), he met many well-known personalities in Paris and discussed many different issues. He also met Leena Nair, Global CEO of French luxury fashion brand Chanel. 

The Prime Minister tweeted, "Meet Leena Nair, Global CEO, Chanel. It is always a pleasure to meet people of Indian origin who have made their mark globally. We discussed ways to promote skill development among artisans and make Khadi more popular." 

Met the Global CEO of

What did Leena Nair say?

Leena Nair said, "The Modi government has taken several steps to increase the sale of Khadi products. The Prime Minister is very enthusiastic about supporting women and girls in business. Our conversation was about increasing India’s small business and Khadi industry." 

"Proud to talk to PM Modi"

He said, "The Prime Minister is genuinely interested in ensuring that India becomes an investment hub for all. Since Narendra Modi has become the Prime Minister of India, India is developing rapidly. PM and I talked about the development of India. Talking to PM Modi was a matter of pride for me." 

Leena Nair said, "He was very excited about my achievements, but more importantly, he was very keen that I continue to support other women and girls and be a role model for many more women and girls coming from India." 

PM also met astronaut Thomas Pesquet

Prime Minister Modi also met aerospace engineer and astronaut Thomas Pesquet. PM tweeted, "When it comes to motivating youth for science and space, the name of Thomas Pesquet is taken prominently. It was a pleasure meeting him and discussing a wide range of subjects. His energy and ideas are very valuable."

Congratulating India on the launch of Chandrayaan-3, Pesquet said, "Space is used for surveillance systems, disaster relief, urban planning and the Prime Minister is focusing on these things." 

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