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Kashmir News: A strange case has come to light in Kashmir, where not one or two but at least 32 men have been duped by a single woman through ‘fake-marriage’. The woman who was legally married to all the men in succession is absconding and till now no one has any idea about her real name, identity or address.

Though the number of men swindled is yet to be ascertained, at least 32 men from the four districts of Budgam, Pulwama, Srinagar and Shopian are protesting in Srinagar demanding action against the gang of thugs Are. who trap innocent villagers into marriage contracts and after marriage take away jewelery and "Meher" Let’s cheat with the money.

The matter came to light last month (June 3) when Mohd Altaf Mir (48), a man from Budgam’s Khansahib area, approached the police with a complaint that his bride of two weeks had gone missing. 

< p style ="text-align: justify;">Missing during a visit to the hospital
The groom told the police that his wife Zaheen Akhtar went missing during a visit to the hospital. That woman is going to be in Rajouri district in Jammu and Kashmir. Who was married to Altaf just ten days before the incident. Mohammad Altaf Mir said that he has made his documents fake. She does not reveal her real name to anyone.

More than a dozen victims wrote reports 
At first, the police thought it was a simple domestic issue, but when the police flashed the picture of the missing woman on their network, it became a big deal. Went. The police system was overwhelmed as more than a dozen men approached the police with missing reports of their wives, and in all cases, the complainants were showing pictures of only this one woman.

Talking to the media, Altaf’s father Abdul Ahad Mir said that a few months back a marriage broker had approached him by showing photographs of a woman from Rajouri for marriage.

Rs 2 lakh had to be paid for the marriage
Altaf’s father said, “A local middleman contacted me and said he will get my son married and I just give him Will have to pay lakh rupees. Along with some relatives of the family I reached Rajouri and booked some hotel rooms, however, the middle man kept delaying the marriage. After a few days, they said that the girl had met with an accident and returned half the money to me.”

Altaf’s father further said that after a few hours, he asked for the money back and showed us pictures of another girl. When we agreed to the marriage, the lady was brought at the time of Isha (night prayer). After the Nikah the family returned to Kashmir the same night and all seemed well.

The wife disappeared when the husband went to collect the ticket to the hospital
Abdul Ahad Mir said, “After a few days, she told her husband that she wanted to get a checkup done at the hospital. The husband went to get the ticket to the hospital, when he came back, his wife had disappeared from the spot.”

Apart from three lakh and eighty thousand in cash, we had taken gold worth more than five lakh as mehr (guarantee) for the woman, said the father of another one of the victims.

Many people involved in this – lawyer
The lawyer representing him claimed that the racket is big and many people are involved in it. He further said, “There are many people who have been looted by this woman and other gang members. The woman’s name appears to be Zaheen, Ilyas and Shahina in marriage documents, but no one knows her real name.

Married 27 men with the help of touts
The lawyer stated that in Budgam alone, she has married at least twenty seven (27) men with the help of touts and we have more in Pulwama There are reports of several men from the districts around , Shopan and even Srinagar who have been entrapped for marriage by this gang.

The lawyer also said, "The number of victims could be more than 50, all people have been robbed of between Rs 5 and 10 lakh." However, the police have so far kept silence on the matter and have registered cases only on individual complaints. And the unfolding of the case will be a much bigger and more interesting story of how the gang managed to swindle so many people without getting caught.

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