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NDA Meeting Delhi: NDA meeting was held in New Delhi on Tuesday (July 18) under the leadership of BJP. During this the Prime Minister Narendra Modi targeted the grand alliance of opposition parties and explained the meaning of NDA. 

PM Modi said, "Another coincidence is associated with this journey of 25 years of NDA. This is the time when our country is taking big steps to achieve a big goal in the coming 25 years. This goal is of a developed and self-reliant India."

PM Modi explained the meaning of NDA

PM Modi said while explaining the meaning of NDA. N stands for New India, D stands for Developed Nation and A stands for  Aspiration of the people. 

‘People have full faith in NDA’

PM Modi said, "Today youth, women, middle class, Dalits and underprivileged have faith in NDA. For NDA, nation is first, nation’s security is first, progress is first and empowerment of people is first. In a way, NDA is another legacy of Atal ji which binds us."

‘No party is big or small in NDA’

In the alliance meeting, PM Modi assured all the parties that no party in the NDA is small or big. BJP got majority in 2014 and 2019 but NDA formed government. 

PM Modi lashed out at the opposition

PM Modi’s take on the alliance

The example of the coalition government before 2014 is in front of us. A high command over the Prime Minister, policy paralysis, inability to take decisions, chaos and mistrust, tussle and corruption, scams worth millions. 

When the alliance is due to the compulsion of power, when the alliance is with the intention of corruption, when the alliance is based on the policy of familyism, when the alliance is done keeping casteism and regionalism in mind, then that alliance does a lot of harm to the country. 

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