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PM Modi France Visit: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a tour of France these days. During this, while addressing the people, he has said that this relationship is old. Along with this, he also mentioned his 40 years old card related to France which he subscribed. 

Actually, PM Modi has been invited as the chief guest on the National Day of France. PM Modi addressed NRIs at La CN Musicale in Paris. La CN Musicale currently hosts the Festival of India, ‘Namaste France’, on behalf of the Indian Embassy and the Ministry of Culture.

PM Narendra Modi speaks of him taking membership of Alliance Francais around 40 years back. Here is his membership card. — ANI (@ANI)

PM Modi reminded of 40 years old relationship

During this the PM said, "My attachment to France is very old and I can never forget it. About 40 years ago, a French cultural center was started in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The first member of the same center is talking to you today.

PM Modi mentions Chandrayaan 3

PM Modi also mentioned Chandrayaan in his speech. He said, “When I am talking to you, the echo of reverse counting is being heard for the launch of Chandrayaan 3 in India. A historic launch is going to happen from India after a few hours."

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