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Indigo Flight: An uproar started in a flight from Lucknow to Mumbai when the pilot diverted the flight. The pilot of Indigo flight 6E 2441 diverted it instead of landing in Mumbai and later landed the plane in Udaipur. Earlier, the pilot made several landing attempts. When all this was happening, many people were holding their breath in the air, there was a stir among the people as to why the plane was not able to land, the pilot had to be changed in Udaipur after heavy protests by the passengers. After which this flight returned to Mumbai at 8 pm. 

Landing could not happen in Mumbai
Actually, this flight of Indigo from Lucknow had left for Mumbai at around 11 am. The flight was to land in Mumbai by around 1 pm, but the pilot made two consecutive rounds for landing. After this the pilot decided to go towards Udaipur airport. Passengers claimed that there were problems before landing in Udaipur as well, when landing in the third attempt was worse. 

Passengers protested in Udaipur
According to the report of Hindustan Times, after this entire incident from Lucknow to Mumbai and then to Udaipur, the passengers started a fierce ruckus. Everyone demanded the removal of the pilot and later it was also completed. The airline sent another pilot and the flight left for Mumbai. Although bad weather was told by the airline company as the reason for all this. 

The debate lasted for about three hours
A passenger gave complete information in a conversation with Hindustan Times. He told that the pilot made two attempts in Mumbai, but could not land the flight. After this, all this was seen in Udaipur as well. If bad weather was the reason then why did this happen in Udaipur? That’s why all the passengers together decided that they will fly with the new pilot, after a debate that lasted for about 3 hours, the pilot was finally changed. 

Referring to this incident, many passengers also expressed their anger on Twitter. People made complaints tagging Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia and DGCA. He expressed apprehension that either there is a fault in the plane or the pilot is not competent. That is why the ministry should intervene in this matter. 


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