Mistaking it for water, 9-year-old girl was fed spirit, mother accused the hospital of negligence -aabtak24


Madurai Government Hospital: A girl child admitted in a government hospital in Madurai, Tamil Nadu died. The girl’s mother said that she accidentally gave her daughter a spirit instead of water, after which she died on the spot. The mother alleges that the nurses carelessly kept spirit near her daughter’s bed, which she mistook for water. 

However, a postmortem report revealed that his death was not related to the consumption of spirits. It was told in the report that the death was due to brain hemorrhage. According to a report in India Today, a senior nephrologist at the hospital said that "There was no evidence of death from the spirit, as it was given in very small quantities."

The hospital denied the allegations 

Replying to the girl’s mother’s allegation, the dean of the hospital said that the girl had consumed a very small amount of spirit, as her water intake was limited due to dialysis, and she had immediately spit it out.

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