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Siddaramaiah On Congress Infighting: Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar have denied any dissension within the ruling Congress. The statement by Siddaramaiah and Shivakumar comes at a time when there are reports that more than 30 MLAs have expressed concern over the non-implementation of development works in their constituencies.

Both the leaders said that no such complaint has come. Siddaramaiah and Shivakumar said the Legislature Party meeting has been called on Thursday (July 27) as part of a regular exercise to discuss various programs and policies of the government and ensure coordination between the government and party legislators.

Siddaramaiah asked, ‘‘Who told you?’’about the functioning of the ministers and lack of development work, 30 MLAs of the ruling party in the state wrote a letter to the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister said that he had called a meeting of the Legislature Party only last week, but Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was to chair a meeting, so it was postponed.

What did CM Siddaramaiah say?
Siddaramaiah said that is why he has once again called a meeting on Thursday (July 27). Siddaramaiah said, ‘‘we will discuss it there. It has been only two months since the formation of the government. The Legislature Party meeting had to be called, so I called it. There is no complaint against the ministers.

There was a stir in the political world on Monday (July 24) due to the claim of Deputy Chief Minister Shivkumar. According to reports, Congress MLAs have complained to the Chief Minister and the party leadership that they are not able to get work done in their constituencies. Shivakumar has termed such reports as fake and mere speculation.

What did Deputy CM DK Shivakumar say?
Shivkumar said, ‘‘This is all a lie, no one has written such a letter. The Chief Minister and I have requested all ministers, all MLAs and the defeated candidates of all constituencies to work in confidence. Everyone is doing their work. This is nothing but mere speculation.’’

The Deputy Chief Minister said, ‘‘There are some programs, which were to be discussed, there was an assembly session. Whether our five guarantee schemes are reaching the people or not, whether corruption is taking place, we had to discuss, guide and inform our MLAs regarding all this. Due to paucity of time during the assembly session, the Legislature Party meeting could not be convened to discuss all these issues.”

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