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Abu Dhabi BAPS Hindu Temple: The construction of a Hindu temple is underway in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Updates keep coming regarding BAPS Hindu temple. In the latest developments, ambassadors from 30 countries reached to see this temple. Indian Ambassador to UAE Sanjay Sudhir gave this information.

Sanjay Sudhir has described the vision of UAE’s leadership and coordination of better efforts to make multicultural and peaceful efforts a model in the country. The diplomatic group of 30 countries which visited the BAPS temple looked very happy after reaching there and also praised them fiercely. The purpose of the visit of these ambassadors was to promote inter-cultural understanding and to see the progress of the Hindu temple.

The Ambassador was amazed to see the artwork

Not only this, these diplomats also got photographs taken together. During this, all the ambassadors closely observed the amazing artwork on the walls of the temple. Along with this, he was also surprised to see the artwork of the temple. Sanjay Sudhir said that the temple represents the collective aspirations of the faith of the Indian community living in the UAE.

Columns of peace & beams of harmony, make up the

Indian Embassy tweeted

Indian Embassy in UAE tweeted, ”Baps Temple, a beacon of peace and harmony, to be built in Abu Dhabi. Resident ambassadors and diplomats from over 30 countries visited the temple site and were awestruck by the exquisite carvings and motifs from cultures around the world.”

Diplomats and mission representatives from Philippines, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Japan, Indonesia, Israel, Brazil, Belgium, New Zealand, Canada and Nigeria were among those who visited the temple, Khaleej Times reported.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of this temple in 2018. PM Modi himself takes information related to the construction work of the temple. The PM has described the temple construction project as a symbol of the deep historical and cultural bonds between India and the UAE.

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