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Chhagan Bhujbal On Sharad Pawar: Reacting to NCP chief Sharad Pawar’s statement that ‘I am neither tired nor retired’, rebel leader of the party and minister in Maharashtra government Chhagan Bhujbal on Saturday (8 July) that what can he (Bhujbal) do if the boy of the house (Ajit Pawar) is speaking. 

What did Chhagan Bhujbal say about Sharad Pawar?

On Sharad Pawar’s statement that he will not retire, Chhagan Bhujbal said in a conversation with  news channel Aaj Tak, “It is a good thing but Ajit Dada has said that he is his child, ask him what he has said.”

Bhujbal said, “I don’t know anything about what was decided in his house, what happened in the last seven years. Ajit Dada and he knows how many times he went to Delhi, how many times he talked about going with BJP. They swore with each other, then left. It is okay if it happens once, kept moving away again and again. Now this whole story is narrated by Ajit Pawar ji two-three days back.”

He further said, “What can we say now. If the boy of the house is speaking to him then what can I say in that. I would say that it is okay. my best wishes You are very young. It’s a good thing. We will also take energy from you.” 

What did Ajit Pawar say for Sharad Pawar?

Maharashtra’s Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar had advised his uncle Sharad Pawar to retire while addressing his supporting MLAs and party workers in Mumbai on 5 July. Ajit Pawar had even said that IAS-IPS officers retire at the age of 62. Leaders retire at the age of 75 in BJP and you (Sharad Pawar) are 83, have to stop somewhere.

Sharad Pawar’s answer on retirement

Sharad Pawar on India Today’s Marathi digital news channel ‘Mumbai Tak’ Said in an interview to, ‘‘Who are they to advise me to retire. I can still work.’’

He said that he will continue to work because party workers want to see him working. Sharad Pawar said, ‘‘Do you know at what age Morarji Desai became the Prime Minister? I don’t want to become Prime Minister or minister, only want to serve people.’’ Sharad Pawar said that he has not grown old. The NCP chief reiterated the words of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, ‘‘Neither tired, nor retired.

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