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Pakistani Women Story: Fell in love through an online game and then for her lover, the woman left her country and traveled thousands of kilometers to India. This matter which came in the headlines recently has surprised everyone. This woman is a resident of Pakistan and is already married. The woman also has four children. Pakistani woman Seema Ghulam Haider and her Indian boyfriend Sachin Meena were arrested by Noida police in UP for living illegally in India.

On Friday (July 8), a court in Greater Noida granted bail to both. After being released from jail, Seema (30) is now staying at Sachin’s (25) house with her four children. Seema Ghulam Haider has expressed her wish that she wants to live with Sachin in India only. Because she loves him very much. Along with this, while talking to news channel Aaj Tak, the woman has said that if she is sent to Pakistan now, she will be killed there. Because she has now converted to Hinduism. 

Seema expressed apprehension of murder

Seema and Sachin were arrested by the police on July 4. A case was registered against Sachin for illegally entering India at the border and giving shelter to an illegal immigrant. Coming out of jail, Seema said that she is not in contact with her first husband Haider since the year 2020. If he is sent back to Pakistan, he will be killed there. In fact, Seema’s first husband has appealed to the Government of India to send back his wife and children. 

"husband is just making excuses"

The woman says that her husband is just making excuses. If his children want to go back to Pakistan, they can go, but they will not leave their mother. All four of Seema’s children are below seven years of age. At the same time, Sachin told that both came in contact with each other in the year 2019 through the online game PubG. After this both of them first became friends then fell in love. 

Sachin-Seema got married in Nepal

Sachin told that when we were in Nepal, we got married there. I want to keep Seema with me here in India. He has now adopted Hinduism. When Sachin and Seema fell in love while playing an online game, both had decided to live together. Seema was in Pakistan and Sachin was here in Noida. Both planned to meet in Nepal.

This is how the first meeting happened

In March 2023, Seema reached Nepal from Karachi and Sachin from Noida. Both stayed together in Nepal for many days. After this Seema went back to Pakistan and Sachin also returned to India. Then Seema planned to come to India through a travel agent in Karachi.

India via Nepal

He was told that he can enter the border of India through Nepal. After which Seema reached Sachin’s house in Rabupura area of ​​Gautam Budh Nagar on May 13 via Nepal. He had sold his land to come here. 

Seema hails from Jaismabad

According to Noida Police, Seema Haider, a resident of Jaismabad in Sindh province of Pakistan, was first married in 2014 to Ghulam Raza. Ghulam Haider lived in Karachi. Ghulam had gone to Saudi Arabia for work in the year 2019. They have three daughters and a son. 

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