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Electoral Bonds: A scathing attack has been made on Prime Minister Modi from the Congress side. This time the Congress has raised questions regarding the donations received by the BJP through electoral bonds. While giving a press conference on behalf of the Congress, senior leader Pawan Kheda compared PM Modi to James Bond, he said that the code of James Bond was 007, but the code of the agent present in our country is 56. Those who introduce themselves by calling themselves electoral bonds. Apart from this, the Congress surrounded the Aam Aadmi Party and the Central Government fiercely regarding the flood-like situation.

Congress asked- where did 5200 crores come from?
Congress leader Pawan Kheda, while targeting PM Modi said, there is a famous series called James Bond, in which the super agent is his own. This is how he introduces himself – My name is Bond 007… There is an Agent 56 in our country’s politics, there is no need to mention his name. His introduction is – My name is Bond, Electoral Bond… I am saying this because this agent collected Rs 5200 crore in his party in the financial year 2016-17 and 21-22. There is no account of where this money came from. Who gave, why? What property of the country did you sell him in lieu of that? There is no accounting for it. 

‘Work to buy MLA from money bill’
Taking forward his point, Pawan Kheda said, it is not that our Agent 56 does not like transparency, this transparency is only for us. But will not tell how 5200 crores came through electoral bonds. Arun Jaitley brought this bond, we had objections, but got it passed like a money bill. A money bill was used to buy MLAs, topple the government. 

It was further said on behalf of the Congress leader that such a huge amount of dishonest money should come to any party, this is a vivid example of Fair and Lovely. ED-CBI, Income Tax raids will not happen, so much money is coming from abroad through electoral bonds, but they will not be investigated. Why are they afraid to make this information public?

Blame game on the flood situation – Congress
On the flood situation, Congress leader Pawan Kheda said that for the last eight-nine years we have seen that the blame game is going on. You are not able to discharge your responsibility, so you are writing a letter that water should not be released from the barrage, what do you want Haryana to drown. This blame game will not work. Pawan Kheda said about PM’s foreign tour, when PM goes abroad, he is worried about the country. What are these sources which tell that PM is worried. 

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