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India China Border News: The Congress on Monday (June 19) made a scathing attack on the Modi government at the Center regarding China. The Congress asked the Modi government to clarify the situation on the ongoing deadlock over the border dispute with China. On behalf of the party, former Union Minister and MP Manish Tiwari raised questions on the government by holding a press conference at the Congress office. 

MP Manish Tiwari asked questions to the Modi government and said, "On 5 September 2020, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh discussed with the Defense Minister of China for two and a half hours during the SCO meeting in Moscow. On 11 September 2020, at the Russia-India-China Trilateral in Moscow, the Foreign Minister spoke with the Foreign Minister of China on the situation at the LAC. Border talks have happened 18 times in 3 years. When there was no intrusion, what is the truth of the continuous discussion for 3 years?" 

‘No one has entered our territory’

He further said on a statement made by PM Modi regarding China, "3 years ago on 19 June 2020 Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said in the all-party meeting after the Galvan incident – ​​no one has entered our border, nor is any post in the possession of others. This statement was contrary to the statement issued by the Ministry of External Affairs a day earlier. He had clearly said that the Galvan incident happened because Chinese soldiers tried to intrude and set up tents on the Indian border."


Indian Army is not able to patrol?

Congress showered questions on the BJP government and asked, "Is it true that Indian Army is unable to patrol 26 out of 65 patrolling points on LAC? Is it true that buffer zones have been created within our borders? What did the Government of India do to stop the encroachment of LAC by China? Why was China not discussed even once in the country’s Parliament and the Parliamentary Standing Committee of the Ministry of Defence? Why Parliament Secretariat does not admit questions related to LAC?"

Congress shared PM Modi’s video

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Prime Minister had given clean chit to China- Ramesh

Jairam Ramesh claimed, "Three years ago on this day, the Prime Minister had given this clean chit to China. Listen to what he said then. His clean chit has caused serious damage to India and will continue to do so in the future." He alleged that the Prime Minister’s continued silence, both in Parliament and outside since giving a clean chit to China, has weakened India’s position in the negotiations.

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