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Madhya Pradesh Rath Yatra: BJP, once known as the party of Mahajans, has to count its work done for Dalits in this election year. In the series of these works, the Prime Minister is going to do another big work in Madhya Pradesh next month.

The trend of Rath Yatras is starting again in the election year and BJP has won. Bharatiya Janata Party is taking out five Samarsata Rath Yatras in the state to spread the philosophy and ideas of worship of Sant Ravidas’s Khadau i.e. Charan Paduka in the entire Madhya Pradesh, which will reach Sagar in the center of the state from five remote cities of the state this week.  

Yatra will last for 18 days
During these yatras, the scheduled caste department of the party will continue to organize debate seminars and other events on Sant Ravidas’s thoughts, message and literature in big and small towns. This journey will last for 18 days. The party claims that during this time a handful of soil from 53000 villages of the state and water from all the rivers of the state will also be collected. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lay the foundation of Ravidas Mandir
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to lay the foundation of Sant Ravidas temple on 12th of August. While collecting iron for the statue of Adi Shankaracharya for months, the government has now started its campaign for the statue of Sant Ravidas.  

In such a situation, is it also an electoral compulsion to count the works done by the BJP government for the Dalits, because it remains to be seen how effective this new bet of the BJP will be on the Dalits, who feel cheated by the many attractive new schemes announced recently and the installation of statues for the tribals.

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)Sant Ravidas Khadau Rath Yatra


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