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Manipur Violence: Congress slams Prime Minister Narendra Modi was surrounded on Friday (July 21). The Congress asked why PM Modi was not giving a statement inside the House.

He further said that under Rule 267, all legislative work should be postponed and discussion should be held on Manipur. Whatever PM Modi said on the stairs on Thursday (July 20), he should at least speak in the House. The cabinet is responsible to the parliament. Manipur issue should be discussed in detail without any limit.

What did you say on the government’s allegation?
Regarding the government’s allegation that the opposition is running away from the discussion, Pramod Tiwari said that if the opposition was running away from the discussion, why would it have given the notice? BJP should be ashamed. We will again raise this issue on Monday (July 24). Accept the BJP challenge and get the discussion started on Monday at eleven o’clock. This is not a small issue. There is no respect for women inside BJP. 

Mamata Banerjee mentioned 
On BJP’s claim related to atrocities on women in West Bengal, Pramod Tiwari said, raise the matter who is stopping you, but first discuss Manipur. 

What did PM Modi say?
PM Modi said on Thursday (July 20) outside the House on the matter, ‘‘I am standing near this temple of democracy, then my heart is full of pain, full of anger. The incident that has come to light in Manipur is going to put any civilized society to shame.’’

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