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Indian Woman In Pakistan: The love story of Seema Haider, who reached India from Pakistan, was still going on that Anju of Alwar, India has spread sensation in both the countries by reaching Pakistan’s Pakhtunkhwa for the sake of love. Although both these love stories immersed in the syrup of love are almost the same. There is only one difference. That is that Seema Haider has illegally entered the Indian border. While Anju has entered the border of the neighboring country through proper passport and visa. Anju reached Pakistan and sent a video message. 

In this video of about one minute, Anju has requested the investigating agencies not to disturb my children and family members. We are absolutely fine here. She also said that she would return in a day or two. However, in this video of her, that kind of brightness and happiness was not visible on her face, the way Seema Haider’s videos are still visible.

Seema is making a Facebook reel with her boyfriend Sachin. Many videos of his dance have also been released. Not only this, Seema has also made a channel of her own, which she is also seen appealing to people to like and subscribe.

Three important characters in Anju’s love story too

Just like there are 3 important characters in Seema Haider’s love story. Similarly, Anju of Alwar (Bhiwadi) of Rajasthan also has three important characters in Ishq Ki Dastaan. Anju her lover Nasrullah and Anju’s husband Arvind. Nasrullah was earlier a teacher, but now he has become a medical representative. Anju had left her husband saying that she was going to visit Jaipur.

After the news came in the media, when the husband talked on WhatsApp calling, he told that he is in Lahore, Pakistan. While in reality she was not even there. As per the video released by her, even if indeed Anju returns to India, many of her statements will become a matter of investigation for the investigating agencies.

After all, which document is Anju talking about not showing

Like Seema Haider, there are many loopholes in Anju’s love story too. When Anju’s husband spoke to her on WhatsApp calling, she was talking about hiding any document and not showing it to anyone. She clearly told her husband that if he showed it to anyone, she would be trapped. After all, what is there in that document that Anju was pressurizing to keep it hidden from her husband.

On being asked by the husband whether she is going to get married for the second time. On this she denied and said that she will call later. In conversation with her husband Arvind too, Anju said that she would come back in a day or two. Anju, who has two children, is in the same confusion about her age as Seema is about Haider’s age.

Arvind and Anju are Christians

When the media started asking constant questions to Anju’s husband, he also got upset. He told the media that he is a converted Christian. Anju’s brother also told that he too has converted to Christianity. Arvind also told that his father had converted to Christianity. Since then his family has become Christian. Whereas earlier Anju was being described as a Hindu.

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