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Delhi Shahbad Dairy Murder Case: There has been a big disclosure in Delhi’s Shahbad Dairy murder case which shook the country. According to the FSL report, a few hours before the murder, the minor girl was raped, but it has also been revealed that the person who committed the crime was not Sahil. Police has filed the charge sheet of this case in the court. In which this information has been given.

Police told that samples were taken during the postmortem of the girl. In whose FSL report this thing has come to the fore. According to the FSL report, Sahil had not sexually assaulted the girl before the murder, but some other person had molested the minor. Due to the minor of the girl, this case will be registered as rape. Even if it is with his consent. 

Sahil’s DNA not found

According to the FSL report, Sahil’s DNA was not found in the sample taken from the girl’s body, but the DNA of another boy was found. The murder incident was carried out on the night of 28 May. Then accused Sahil attacked the girl several times with knife and stone in a street full of people.

There was a rift between the two

The video of this incident also surfaced. In which Sahil was brutally attacking the girl with a knife. The police arrested the 20-year-old accused Sahil from Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh the day after the murder. According to the police, Sahil and the minor girl were in a relationship. There was a rift between the two. 

Meanwhile the girl came closer to another boy and Sahil was angry about this. After this the girl started ignoring Sahil. Still, Sahil continued to follow the girl. Distressed by this, the girl sought help from the boys of her locality. Who have some dominance in that area. After this these boys called Sahil and told him to stay away from the minor. 

Police filed a 640-page charge sheet

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