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Agnipath Scheme: Soon Agniveer will join different units under the Agnipath scheme of the Indian Army. The training of the first batch is over and the training of the second batch has started. Next month the first batch will join the Indian Army. However, many youths have gone midway during the training itself. Action can also be taken against the youths who said goodbye to the army citing different reasons and the amount spent in training will also be recovered from them.

More than 50 left the training in the first batch.
At present, there is no rule in the army to leave the training in the middle, but now the government is thinking of bringing new rules to curb it. According to a report in Navbharat Times, the expenses incurred on training will be recovered from those who leave the training midway. Quoting an official in the report, it was told that in the first batch, more than 50 youths left the training in the middle and the situation is similar in the second batch as well. He says that the expenditure on training will be recovered from the youth, in this way only those youths who are serious about joining the army will be involved in the training. Goodbye
The officer also told that different reasons have been given by the youth for leaving the training midway. Some were thrown out for being on medical leave for 30 days or more. Some left the training midway giving the reason of getting a better opportunity. Sources said that there is a rule in the army that if someone remains absent from training for more than 30 days, he is shown the way out. 

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