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Lok Sabha Election: 2024 Lok Sabha elections are to be held in less than a year, that is why BJP has come into action mode. BJP has made major changes in the party organization. The party has changed state presidents in Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Jharkhand. In this reshuffle, along with the Lok Sabha elections, the assembly elections have also been taken care of. 

BJP has fielded G Kishan Reddy for the electoral state of Telangana. Reddy has been made the state president of Telangana by the party. He will replace Bandi Sanjay Kumar. The party has also made changes in Punjab. BJP has made Sunil Jakhar, who joined BJP from Congress, as the state president. He will replace Ashwini Sharma.

In Jharkhand, BJP has placed bets on Babulal Marandi. In place of Deepak Prakash, he has been given the command of BJP in the state. In the southern state of Andhra Pradesh, the BJP has replaced Som Veeraraju with Purandeshwari as party chief.

G Kishan Reddy to be dropped from the cabinet?

It does not usually happen in BJP that a minister also holds the position of the organization. The newly appointed state president of Telangana, G Kishan Reddy is currently a minister in the Modi cabinet. This indicates one thing that there may be a discharge from the cabinet in the coming days. 

2024 plan of BJP

Talking about the assembly elections, in Telangana, there is a bipolar contest between Congress and KCR’s party BRS. Here BJP has only 3 MLAs, but when it comes to general elections ie Lok Sabha, then BJP seems to be rising fast here. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, BJP won 4 Lok Sabha seats in Telangana. This time the party wants to further strengthen Mission South. Congress understands this very well and the party has started preparations for this. Rahul Gandhi has attacked KCR by calling him the B team of BJP.

Trying to woo tribals in Jharkhand

BJP is hoping to strengthen the tribal vote bank by betting on Babulal Marandi in Jharkhand. He feels that the coming of Babulal Marandi will attract tribal votes towards him and in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections will benefit him.

New strategy in Punjab and Andhra Pradesh

BJP is not in a very strong position in Punjab and Andhra Pradesh, but by commanding leaders from Congress here, it has indicated a change in its strategy. This shows that now he will get a chance in the party, whose base is strong. This step can give strength to those leaders of other parties who are planning to join BJP.

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