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Parliament Building Inauguration: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the new Parliament in Delhi on 28 May. Delhi Police has started special preparations to ensure that there is no disturbance during the programme. If sources are to be believed, on 28th all those roads around Jantar Mantar which lead towards the Parliament will be closed. In fact, on the day of the inauguration of the Parliament, it has been announced to hold a Khap Panchayat in Delhi in support of the wrestlers.  

According to top sources of Delhi Police, more than 20 companies will be deployed in New Delhi district, in which more than 10 women companies will be deployed. Not only this, the sources also told that the metro stations near the Parliament will remain closed. Has written a letter to Delhi Metro to close two metro stations on May 28.

Farmers will try to enter Delhi!

If senior sources of Delhi Police are to be believed, information is being received that farmers from Uttar Pradesh and Haryana will try to enter Delhi during this period. According to sources, about 90 khap panchayats in which the number of people is close to 3000 can enter Delhi. In this regard, it has been decided by the officials in a high level meeting that no one should enter Delhi. 

Will not be allowed to enter Delhi

At the same time, for this, barricading will be done on all the borders of Delhi. Soldiers will be deployed. No one will be allowed to enter Delhi. Under this, barricading will be done at Singhu border, Dilshad Garden border, Badarpur border and Tikri border and paramilitary force personnel will be deployed along with police.

Demand for additional 6 companies

For this, additional 6 companies have been demanded in the North East District, in which 2 women companies are included. If anyone tries to enter Delhi from Uttar Pradesh, they will be stopped there. The officer of North East Delhi told that the plan so far is that no one will be allowed to organize a meeting and will not be allowed to enter Delhi from UP in an organized manner. According to sources, local leaders of political parties will also be banned. According to the sources of Delhi Police, there is talk of Khap Panchayat in an alternative place. That is, in place of Parliament, Khap Panchayat should be replaced at some other place.

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