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Karnataka Politics: Congress’s Siddaramaiah government has been formed in Karnataka. Siddaramaiah’s name could be sealed for the post of Chief Minister after a lot of tussle due to bumper factionalism in the state. Now the Home Minister of the state, G. Parameshwara has also staked claim for the post of Chief Minister. Parameshwara said on Tuesday (June 13) that several Dalit leaders, now and in the past including himself, were denied opportunities despite all having full potential to become chief ministers.

Parameshwar called upon the Dalit community to remain united. He said that the inferiority complex among Dalits has to go. This is the reason why I openly say that I will become the Chief Minister, why shouldn’t I. What is lacking in the ability of K H Muniyappa, dalit leader and minister, Basavalingappa or N Rachaiah or Ranganath?

Trouble may arise for the party
According to Hindustan Times, while addressing the program, Parameshwara called upon Dalits to raise their voice for their rights and use their vote properly. And remind them of the importance of the Constitution. Parameshwara had openly expressed his ambition for the post of Chief Minister in the past as well. Along with this, he warned the party’s central leadership that if a Dalit was not given the deputy chief minister’s post, there would be backlash and it would spell trouble for the party when Siddaramaiah was selected from the Congress for the chief minister’s post after the election results last month. Will make it stand.

Deputy Chief Minister during the Congress-JDS coalition government 
Parameshwara was the Deputy Chief Minister during the Congress-JDS coalition government headed by HD Kumaraswamy. He was also the longest serving Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee chief. He lost the 2013 assembly elections to Koratagere, when he was the KPCC president. Parameshwara was then a contender for the post of Chief Minister, but after losing he was made an MLC and a minister in the Siddaramaiah government (2013-2018). In the program, Parameshwara also claimed that the Congress had lost the 2018 elections due to neglect of certain communities. 

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